Lincoln College

Undergraduate Catalog 2013-1014: Lincoln College

Transfer Coursework

Students may request to apply credit for coursework taken at other institutions toward the comple­tion of their Lincoln College degree. An official transcript from the previous institution is required for the consideration of any course transfer. The Office of the Registrar will review all courses that are submitted for transfer credit and determine which credits may be transferred. If all the work completed by a student at any other regionally accredited college averages 2.00 or better, courses in which the student earned a “D” may be accepted for transfer credit. If not, a maximum of six hours of “D” level work may be accepted as transfer credit. Although transfer hours are applied to the total number of hours needed for graduation, only those hours earned at Lincoln College will be used to compute a student’s cumulative grade point average. Students must complete their final 27 credits while a student at Lincoln College to receive a degree.