Lincoln College

Undergraduate Catalog 2013-1014: Lincoln College

Placement Testing

It is important that students begin their higher educational careers at the appropriate level. To help identify this level, Lincoln College evaluates incoming students’ ability and preparedness through placement testing in mathematics and English composition. Lincoln College uses ACT’s COMPASS® computer-based tests.

All students must complete placement testing before registering for any course at Lincoln Col­lege if:

Transfer students may submit COMPASS scores from a previous institution provided testing was completed within the past two calendar years. Scores must be sent directly to Lincoln Col­lege from ACT COMPASS or the institution that administered the test.

Placement tests are given to all students who participate in SOAR and also scheduled during registration periods.

Students who wish to repeat the COMPASS test may do so with the following stipulations:

For practice COMPASS® test questions, visit the following sites: