Lincoln College

Undergraduate Catalog 2013-1014: Lincoln College

Academic Suspension

A student placed on academic suspension may petition the Vice President for Academic Affairs for an early return to Lincoln College. The petition form must be accompanied by a written statement from the student explaining the basis for the petition. If the petition is approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, the student will be permitted to return to Lincoln College on Academic Probation and carry a course load of no more than fifteen credit hours.

Conditions of re-enrollment will also include specific attendance requirements and use of academic support services to assist the student in returning to Good Academic Standing. A student permitted to re-enroll through petition must earn an institutional grade point average of 2.00 in that semester in order to continue enrollment the next term. A student who does not earn an institutional grade point average of 2.00 that semester will be dismissed from Lincoln College for one calendar year. Students may be granted an early return from dismissal by petition only one time.

Note: The granting of reinstatement does not supersede financial aid policies regarding satisfactory academic progress.