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Undergraduate Catalog 2013-1014: Lincoln College

FAQs: Pre-Nursing

Are scholarships available for Pre-Nursing?

Yes! Lincoln College has a pre-nursing scholarship specifically for pre-nursing students from Logan County, IL, and students are eligible for many other scholarships through financial aid. Also, many scholarships are available to aspiring nurses through other sources.

Are the LC Pre-Nursing courses hard?

Yes and No. Are they harder than high school courses? YES! Are they harder than the courses in a four-year nursing school? NO! The Pre-Nursing program builds study skills and knowledge base gradually. Math level is assessed as students enter the school, then appropriate courses are identified to build skills, so when students take courses required for nursing school, they have established a firm base for success. Basic biology and psychology courses are taken before Microbiology, Anatomy and Physiology and Developmental Psychology, and Chemistry is typically taken in the second year, when math skills are stronger. The purpose is to support students in building a good grade point average for true success in reaching their transfer goals. In high school and undergraduate college courses, a C is a usually passing grade. However, entry into nursing schools is very competitive. Students with “average” grades usually struggle to find an opening in a nursing school, no matter where they have studied or where they apply.

Is it difficult to transfer to a nursing school?

NO! Lincoln College participates in the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI), a statewide agreement that allows transfer of the Illinois General Education Core Curriculum between participating institutions. Lincoln’s Transfer and Career Resources Center also works to facilitate transferring Pre-Nursing credits, so Lincoln’s Pre-Nursing Program courses are accepted by accredited nursing schools. These schools include:

We also develop special transfer agreements with individual schools. For example, through our Nursing Program Partnership with St. Francis Medical Center College of Nursing, up to five Lincoln College students who successfully complete the A.S. degree, hold a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5, and have met all admission requirements for St. Francis are selected by Lincoln College for automatic admission to the BSN program each semester.

I am a guy and I want to go into nursing. Will I fit in at Lincoln College?

YES! At LC, pre-nursing courses typically include both men and women, from as close as Lincoln, IL and as far away as Florida and California. Some students, both male and female, are also active in our varsity athletic programs. This works fine, because coaches support strong study habits, and instructors work around athletic schedules so students don’t miss out on academic activities. Some students have become interested in nursing after serving on a health care delivery team in the military. The old stereotypes about nursing being a  “female” profession are finally weakening – thankfully, since the profession needs practitioners of both genders to keep up with the rapidly expanding need for nurses. Associations such as the American Assembly for Men in Nursing are helping, as are scholarships reserved for male nursing students, just as associations and scholarships for minority nursing students have helped break down ethnic stereotypes.

Will I dissect a dead body? Will I have clinical experiences?

NO and NO. In Anatomy and Physiology labs, students use models and virtual demonstrations to study human anatomy, and they work with lab partners, rather than patients, to practice testing for blood pressure, respiratory function and muscle function. In Microbiology, students use case studies to become familiar with the clinical history and physical findings of patients with bacterial and viral diseases, and they visit the Centers for Disease Control website to monitor the latest flu epidemic. In Biology labs, students may analyze DNA sequences associated with genetic disease or test for ABO blood group antigens.

I am interested in nursing but I may change my mind. Will I have to start all over again if I’m in the Pre-Nursing program?

NO! The majority of students who enter the Pre-Nursing program remain in it, but it is not uncommon for students to change their minds about their career goals as they go through college. Because the program includes the entire General Education Core Curriculum and many of these courses are taken the first year, even if a student changes his or her mind after two semesters, there is still time to meet requirements of most other Programs of Study without delaying graduation.

I am interested in a career in health care but not necessarily in nursing. Are the Pre-Nursing courses appropriate for me?

Probably, but this depends on one’s specific career goal and target transfer program. For students interested in Radiation Technology, Sports Medicine, or Physiotherapy, for example, Pre-Nursing courses such as Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry, Microbiology or Developmental Psychology may be helpful. A student can work with his or her advisor to select appropriate courses. Students wishing to complete a pre-medical program and apply for medical school will most likely need to take further Biology and Chemistry courses as part of their baccalaureate program. Depending on their high school record and the length of time since they graduated from high school, the Biology and Chemistry courses at Lincoln can be very helpful to provide review and groundwork.