Lincoln College

Undergraduate Catalog 2013-1014: Lincoln College

Physical Education/Recreation

PER 101: Introduction to Physical Education

Credits: 3:0:3
This course includes a history of physical education theory and philosophy up to the present time. Various theories and methods are treated to provide the student with a broad understanding of the place of physical education today.

PER 102: First Aid/Safety

Credits: 2:0:2
This course discusses first aid practices to give the student an appreciation of good safety habits. It is designed to acquaint the student with manual and practical application of basic first aid methods.

PER 103: Athletic Injuries

Credits: 2:0:2
This course covers general first-aid practices with specific emphasis on care and prevention of athletic injuries, taping and wrapping techniques, and discussion of general therapy for athletic injuries will also be included.

PER 105: Pool Management

Credits: 2:0:2
This course is designed for the student wanting a background in natatorium operation. All aspects of pool operation are covered: facility sanitation, filtration methods, water purity testing, various types of instruction and supervision, and scheduling of the facility.

PER 106: Officiating

Credits: 2:0:2
This course is designed to acquaint the student with the rules and officiating techniques of a variety of sports through classroom work and actual experience with the College’s intramural program.

PER 109: Intramural Management

Credits: 2:0:2
The focus of this course is on organization and management of an intramural program. In addition to classroom work, actual experience in scheduling, coordination, promoting, and operation will be provided through the College’s intramural program.

PER 140: Lifesaving and Water Safety

Credits: 1:0:1
This course provides instruction and practice in lifesaving techniques. This course is open to all students with swimming ability. Certified by the American Red Cross.

PER 260: History and Philosophy of Physical Education

Credits: 3:0:3
This is an introductory professional course which includes historical background and philosophical issues related to physical education.

PER 262: Social-Psychology of Physical Education

Credits: 3:0:3
This course is a survey of cultural, social, and psychological factors influencing sport and physical activity behavior.

Physical Education Activities

The following physical education activity courses provide an introduction to the principles of lifelong health and recreation and instruction in various indoor, outdoor, and water sports and activities. All courses 2:0:1.

Physical Education Varsity Athletics

Credit is granted for participation in intercollegiate varsity athletics. A student may earn one semester hour of credit per semester for such participation. One credit earned in this manner may apply toward degree requirements while all others will be counted as electives.