Lincoln College

Undergraduate Catalog 2013-1014: Lincoln College


SPN 101: Spanish I

Credits: 4:0:4
This is a course for those who have no Spanish or who have had one year of high school Spanish. The emphasis is on the development of audio-lingual skills, basic structures and grammar, and practice in reading and writing.

SPN 102: Spanish II

Credits: 4:0:4
This course, a continuation of Spanish I, includes a review of grammar, practice in conversation and composition, and reading of selected material.
Prerequisite: SPN 101 or equivalent or consent of instructor.

SPN 103: Conversational Spanish

Credits: 1:0:1
The emphasis for this course is on improving speaking proficiency and listening comprehension through free conversation and oral presentations. Focus will be on correct, idiomatic use of the Spanish language in everyday situations.
Prerequisite: SPN 102

SPN 104: Conversational Spanish II

Credits: 1:0:1
This course is a continuation of Conversational Spanish. It covers the essentials of Spanish for functional communication and develops proficiency through the use of progressively more demanding personalized oral exercises.
Prerequisite: SPN 103